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PCSO 6/55 Lotto Result today
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Introduction to PCSO 6/55 Lotto Result Today

The PCSO 6/55 Grand Lotto is one of the most popular lottery games in the Philippines. It is run by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO).

The 6/55 Grand Lotto was launched in March 1992. It quickly gained popularity among Filipinos because of its huge jackpot prizes. Tickets are very affordable at just Php 24 each. To play, bettors have to choose 6 numbers from 1-55. To win the jackpot prize, all 6 numbers must match the winning combination.

Over the years, the 6/55 Grand Lotto has made numerous Filipino bettors instant millionaires. Some of the biggest jackpot prizes reached over Php 200 million. This attracts people from all walks of life, hoping to win big and change their lives forever.

The 6/55 Grand Lotto draws happen every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Draws are streamed live on TV and social media. This allows the public to witness the draw transparently. Millions of Filipinos eagerly await the draw results after purchasing their lottery tickets. Outlets selling the tickets are crowded before the cut-off.

Proceeds from ticket sales go to PCSO’s health and charity programs. So playing the 6/55 Grand Lotto also lets people contribute to social services. This adds to the game’s appeal for many Filipinos.

The PCSO 6/55 Grand Lotto is undoubtedly the most anticipated lottery game in the Philippines today. Its huge prizes and funding of charities make it an integral part of Philippine gaming culture.

PCSO 6/55 Lotto Result today

The most recent PCSO 6/55 lotto draw results are shown below:

Grand Lotto 6/5527-29-14-24-41-205/22/202429,700,000.000

The 6/55 lotto draw takes place every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. The results are usually announced within a few hours after the draw. Players can check the official PCSO website or social media pages for the most up-to-date winning numbers.

PCSO 6/55 Lotto Result today Jackpot Prizes

The PCSO 6/55 game offers exciting jackpot prizes for matching different numbers of the winning combination. Here’s a breakdown of the prize amounts for different number matches:

Number of MatchesPrize Amount
6/6Starting Jackpot Prize of Php 29,700,000
5/6Php 24,000
4/6Php 1,500
3/6Php 100
2/6Php 20

As you can see, matching all 6 numbers wins the massive jackpot prize, which starts at ₱29.7 million and increases each draw until there’s a winner. Matching 5 out of 6 numbers wins a fixed prize of ₱24,000. Smaller prizes are given for matching just 4, 3 or 2 numbers.

The 6/55 game has created many instant millionaires over the years. With jackpots frequently climbing above ₱100 million, it offers the chance to win life-changing amounts of money. Even matching 5 numbers provides a nice prize, while 4 or 3 numbers will give you a small return on your bet.

How to Claim PCSO Lotto Prizes

To claim PCSO lotto prizes for 6/55, here is the process and requirements:

  • Bring your winning ticket and two (2) valid IDs to any authorized PCSO branch office or PCSO head office. One ID must contain your photo and signature (e.g., passport, driver’s license, PRC ID, SSS/GSIS ID, etc.). The other can be any valid ID (e.g., company ID, school ID, etc.).
  • Fill out a Lotto Prize Claim Form available at any PCSO branch. Make sure to write your full name and signature on the form.
  • Submit the completed form, IDs, and winning ticket to the Lotto Prize Claims Section of the authorized PCSO branch office.
  • If your winnings exceed Php 10,000, you will undergo a validation process by a PCSO committee. Wait for their confirmation and approval before getting your prize.
  • After validation, you can claim your prize in check, manager’s check or cash (depending on amount) at the PCSO Cashier.
  • Prizes below Php 10,000 can be claimed at any PCSO branch. For prizes Php 10,000 and above, you can claim them at the PCSO head office or designated branches.
  • Winning tickets are valid for one (1) year from the date of the draw. Make sure to claim your prize within this period, or else the ticket expires. Unclaimed prizes go to the PCSO Charity Fund.

So in summary, bring ID and ticket to authorized PCSO branch, fill out form, validate if needed, then claim prize at Cashier within 1 year validity. Follow this process to successfully claim your 6/55 lotto jackpot or prizes.

PCSO E-Lotto App

The PCSO E-Lotto App allows players to buy lotto tickets digitally through their mobile device. This provides several key benefits compared to purchasing paper lotto tickets:

Convenience – Players can purchase tickets anytime, anywhere through the app without having to go to a physical lotto outlet. Tickets can be bought even at the last minute before the draw cut-off.

Security – Tickets and winnings are stored digitally in the app. This reduces the risk of losing paper tickets. Winners can also claim prizes directly through the app.

Accessibility – Players with disabilities or mobility issues can play lotto through the app without traveling to purchase tickets. Rural players also benefit from easy access.

Notification – The app sends notifications when you win a prize so you don’t miss any winnings. It also notifies you as draw dates approach.

To start using the E-Lotto App, players simply need to download it through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Registration involves entering your name, birthdate, address and contact information. The app then generates a digital lottery card with a unique ID number.

Players can choose lottery games, quick pick numbers, and purchase tickets directly through the app interface. Payment can be done through debit/credit card, e-wallet services, or prepaid load. Once tickets are purchased, they are stored in the “My Tickets” section and players can view draw results there. Winners can claim prizes up to Php10,000 directly in the app.

The E-Lotto App brings much needed modernization and convenience to playing the lottery. It’s easy to access, safe and secure, and gives players full control over their lottery experience.

Benefits of E-Lotto App

The PCSO E-Lotto app provides several key benefits for lotto players in the Philippines.

Convenience and Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of using the E-Lotto app is convenience. Players can purchase lotto tickets anytime, anywhere using their mobile device. There’s no need to go to a physical lotto outlet or kiosk. The app also provides accessibility, allowing those with disabilities or mobility challenges to play lotto more easily. Players in remote areas can also access lotto games through the app.

Instant Result Checking

Another benefit is the ability to instantly check lotto results. Players can view winning numbers and jackpot amounts right in the app as soon as results are announced. There’s no waiting for the next day’s newspaper or relying on spotty radio/TV signals. The instant result checking provides a clear advantage over paper tickets.

Avoid Lost or Damaged Tickets

With the E-Lotto app, players don’t need to worry about losing or damaging paper tickets. All purchased tickets are securely stored in the app and can be accessed anytime. This avoids the disappointment of losing a potentially winning ticket. The app also eliminates issues like tickets fading over time or becoming unreadable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCSO 6/55?

PCSO 6/55 is one of the major lottery games run by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). It is a 6 out of 55 numbers game where players need to match all 6 numbers to win the jackpot prize.

How do I play PCSO 6/55?

To play, you need to choose 6 numbers from 1 to 55 on a play slip. You can also let the lottery terminal randomly pick numbers for you through the Quick Pick or Lucky Pick option. Mark your play slip and pay the amount at the counter to get your ticket.

What are the prizes in PCSO 6/55?

The jackpot prize for 6/55 starts at ₱30 million and increases depending on rolled-over amounts. The breakdown is:

  • Match 6 numbers: Jackpot prize
  • Match 5 numbers: ₱24,000
  • Match 4 numbers: ₱1,500
  • Match 3 numbers: ₱60

How do I claim my 6/55 prize?

For prizes up to ₱10,000, you can claim them at any authorized PCSO outlet. Bring your winning ticket and valid ID. For bigger prizes, you need to go to the PCSO head office or nearest regional office with your ticket and ID.

Can I check 6/55 results online?

Yes, you can check the latest 6/55 results on the PCSO website. The results are updated after each draw. You can also download the PCSO Lotto Results app on iOS and Android to get notified of results.

How do I get the PCSO E-Lotto app?

The PCSO E-Lotto app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for Android. Register an account on the app with your details to start playing digitally.

Let me know if you would like me to expand on any of the FAQs or add any additional questions and answers.


The PCSO 6/55 lotto game offers Filipinos the chance to win life-changing jackpot prizes. However, it’s important to play responsibly. Here’s a summary of the key points:

  • The PCSO holds 6/55 lotto draws twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Tickets can be bought from authorized outlets across the Philippines.
  • To win the jackpot prize, you need to match all 6 winning numbers drawn. There are also smaller prizes for matching 3, 4, or 5 numbers.
  • Jackpot prizes start at ₱30 million and can grow to over ₱100 million if there are no winners.
  • Prizes over ₱10,000 need to be claimed at PCSO branches. Smaller prizes can be claimed from retailers. Make sure to bring ID and winning ticket.
  • The PCSO E-Lotto app makes it easy to check results and manage tickets digitally. Key benefits are convenience, less paper waste, and security.

While the chance to win millions is exciting, it’s vital to play responsibly. Only spend what you can afford, set a budget, and see lotto as entertainment, not a way to make money. If gambling becomes problematic, help is available from organizations like [insert name of local responsible gambling org].

For more information, visit the official PCSO website. Thank you for reading and good luck!


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